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How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Dog Care

Our simple guide to how to clean your dog’s ears the right way…

Different dogs require different cleaning schedules, from every couple of weeks to daily. Your dog’s activity and the weather also influence the frequency of cleaning. If your dog is an big swimmer, I suggest daily cleaning before bed. In most cases, twice a month is sufficient.

To clean the outer flap, ask your veterinarian to recommend a commercial ear solution that will prevent infection. Soak a cotton swab with the solution and wipe the outer ear flap.Never, never, never use a Q-tip or poke your finger into your dog’s ear. You can do irreparable damage to your dog’s inner ear!

If your dog’s ear gets infected, follow the same procedure that you would use for medicating the eye. If your dog has drop ears, gently lift the flap and place the medicine where your veterinarian has instructed.

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