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It's a hotly debated topic...just what are the cutest puppies in all of dogdom? Labrador puppies tend to register highly on most people's lists. So, with that in mind, here's some little yellow Labradors mes [...]
Ever wondered what dogs think when they get dressed up? This video *might* give us an insight! [...]
Presenting, Useful Dog Tricks 2!! Whoever said tricks can't be useful? Jesse is back, by popular demand, in this all new video showcasing more Useful Dog Tricks. Jesse's heartwarming charm is bound to put a smi [...]
This video shows some of the tricks I have been working on recently with Kiko and Splash. Some of the more interesting ones are, teaching Splash to look left and look right, teaching her how to skip, and how to [...]
David Letterman 2009 03 10 Stupid Pet Tricks [...]
This week, I want to share with you some of my favorite dog tricks. As I was making this - I was wondering 'what makes an incredible dog trick?' Leave a comment and share what is YOUR favorite trick and why. If [...]
Jesse the Walking hand stand dog! Prepare to be amazed by my best friend, and Heart dog Jesse =o) From skateboarding, and blowing bubbles under water, to walking hand stands, and double dutch; there's nothing t [...]
Presenting, Useful Dog Tricks!! Whoever said tricks can't be useful? Jesse loves helping around the house, and I just love his happy attitude and smile on his face =o) *Our relationship is based on mutual respe [...]
40 Dog Tricks starring Russell [...]