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In recognition of the awarding of the title tallest dog in the world 2012, we thought we'd meet up with George, the previous holder of this canine achievement record. [...]
Another insight in to the incredible relationship between human and canine. Read about how diabetic alert dogs are actually trained: [...]
Jerry is an enterprising dog isn't he? The sort of self motivated canine that can be an inspiration for dogs all over the world, who mistakenly believe they need a tw0-legged ball thrower. [...]
Knowing the essential first aid response for a variety of emergency situations that dogs can encounter can and does save many canine lives each year. As the video above explains, knowing how to perform cpr, [...]
Watch a battle of the brains between three dog breeds. Have you ever wanted to know how clever your own dog is? Check out this article. [...]
This is an interesting introduction to the world of dog body language. Have your say on the video below.   [...]
Do you want to find out how sociable and outgoing your puppy is? Then try this little experiment: Put a few toys down in the room. Quickly walk away from your puppy and then observe his reaction: *A favou [...]
Dog owners world-wide are told by many leading dog behaviour therapists and trainers to believe that their pet’s ultimate desire in life is to be top dog. So much so that Rover is probably plotting to take ov [...]
Our simple guide to how to clean your dog’s ears the right way… Different dogs require different cleaning schedules, from every couple of weeks to daily. Your dog’s activity and the weather also influe [...]