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It's a rap video starring a dog. No need for more words, just watch and enjoy! [...]
Learn more about Fiona's story, updates and find out what you can do to help dogs like her at [...]
What we have here is one of the most brilliant dog videos ever. But it's twinged with sadness. It's often been said, the only downside to a dog is the speed at which they're with us one minute, gone the n [...]
Guide Dogs Southampton Mobility Team, in association with Dog Cam Sport (, "Walked My Way" with Alma the guide dog and her owner, Nicky. The ActionPro camera was attached to Alma's h [...] The social unit of dogs is the pack. From research on wolf packs that ar [...]
Have we got a case for posting this video under the pretence that it is an informative and interesting study of a fascinating Pavlovian response to aural stimulation? Or, is it closer to the truth to suggest [...]
With female dogs, they sometimes develop unusual urination habits. In this video learn why this might be happening. [...]
More than 20 million people have marvelled at the skateboarding skills of Tillman the Bulldog. Here he is in full flow. [...]
Following the news that Seasonal Canine Illness has claimed the lives of more dogs, the Animal Health Trust is cautioning dog owners to be on their guard against this deadly dog disease. You can find out more a [...]