Bentley the Bulldog Puppy is fussy

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Bentley 8 weeks old Bentley the Bulldog Puppy is Fussy pt. 2 Add us on twitter: Facebook:

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Fbwu1uge says:

Hurr Durr

bvbarmy4ev says:

Things this cute should be illegal :3

TheNuggetman99 says:

cuttness overload :D

iSmartyPants1 says:

People will believe anything these days. Bently is not dead.

Carmen Foster says:

App cute!!

gogogoczp says:


goddessdianamoon says:

bentley didn’t die. come on. 

Bryan Valladares says:

i want want one

ZebraCupcake1280 says:

I want one

BarbieFreak101 says:


amaganaz says:

Aaaawwwwwww !!!!!!!!! He’s soo cute !

Fermentnt says:

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Watchtower960 says:

Shut up he did not die.

andrey77russ says:

Англичанин супер ! Обожаю эту породу !

queensophia27 says:

Ahhhhh poor bently he was so cute

TheOrder2Obey says:

BENTLEY DIED 2 DAYS AGO…The owners of Bentley uploaded a vlog explaining the cause of death pertaining to the cute pooch.It was parvo and intestinal parasites that were passed through it’s mother.Get your pets vaccinated!R-I-P BENTLEY.

TheOrder2Obey says:

R-I-P BENTLEY,you will be greatly missed by all of your fans.REST IN PEACE little pup,sorry that you died so young:-(

downyourtube says:

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MissViolet241 says:

the lady in the video actually did say billy… but yh

hitmeagain1098 says:

I always wanted a bulldog

TheOrder2Obey says:

R.I.P BENTLEY.Maybe the next puppy those guys get will be vaccinated in time.Sorry you had to die,R.I.P BENTLEY,poor thing.

XxXxTheAngelxXxX says:


Untergeist says:

snapped me out of the shit mood

dupont94 says:

Just to be clear, my comment was not meant as a threat.  I let the creep’s disgusting comment about the adorable puppy get the best of me.

ultramaximus says:

I love the paw

JennyVlogs101 says:


QuEEnNiNaMaRie says:

❤❤❤❤❤so CuTee

QuEEnNiNaMaRie says:

AwwwwWww he’s so Cute❤❤

SarahNicholl says:

Cuuute!! ^^

snowygirl says:

* A * so cute

Oliver Gore says:

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eto dlyaproverki says:


angga1402 says:


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