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It's a rap video starring a dog. No need for more words, just watch and enjoy! [...]
Our Yorkie puppy kept escaping from her crate and we couldn't figure out how. So we set up a camera and went for dinner. when we came back this is what we saw... [...]
Bentley 8 weeks old Bentley the Bulldog Puppy is Fussy pt. 2 Add us on twitter: Facebook: [...]
Welsh Corgi does its bit for causing cuteness overload in the human brain. [...]
Watch a battle of the brains between three dog breeds. Have you ever wanted to know how clever your own dog is? Check out this article. [...]
Knowing the essential first aid response for a variety of emergency situations that dogs can encounter can and does save many canine lives each year. As the video above explains, knowing how to perform cpr, [...]
Meet the world's smartest Border Collie: my best friend, Nana! From footstalls, to walking front paw handstands, to running backwards, Nana does it all. All of Nana's training is done exclusively with the us [...]
Jerry is an enterprising dog isn't he? The sort of self motivated canine that can be an inspiration for dogs all over the world, who mistakenly believe they need a tw0-legged ball thrower. [...]