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Jesse the Walking hand stand dog! Prepare to be amazed by my best friend, and Heart dog Jesse =o) From skateboarding, and blowing bubbles under water, to walking hand stands, and double dutch; there's nothing t [...]
K9 Magazine met up with Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis and her dog Romeo at The Malmaison Liverpool. Take a look at her photoshoot! Read more online at: [...]
Dog owners world-wide are told by many leading dog behaviour therapists and trainers to believe that their pet’s ultimate desire in life is to be top dog. So much so that Rover is probably plotting to take ov [...]
It's a rap video starring a dog. No need for more words, just watch and enjoy! [...]
Our Yorkie puppy kept escaping from her crate and we couldn't figure out how. So we set up a camera and went for dinner. when we came back this is what we saw... [...]
Bentley 8 weeks old Bentley the Bulldog Puppy is Fussy pt. 2 Add us on twitter: Facebook: [...]
Welsh Corgi does its bit for causing cuteness overload in the human brain. [...]
Watch a battle of the brains between three dog breeds. Have you ever wanted to know how clever your own dog is? Check out this article. [...]