Recently Added Videos

If you have a dog who's an escape artist you will be able to identify with this man who has build a fence to keep his dog in his garden. You can hear the pride in his voice, watch to see how the dog reacts. [...]
How would you do it, if you were a dog? Run passed as quickly as you can, or take it slowly one step at a time so as not to startle your furry counterpart? [...]
This dog certainly knows how to work the camera drawing attention from all around, give it a minute - you won't be able to stop laughing (or repeatedly clicking play). [...]
These three dogs must have definitely been good to wake up on Christmas morning to a scene like this! Merry Christmas to our friends and fans, Happy Holidays!     [...]
We'll be honest, over the years we've had our fair share of dogs who've caught something only to then drop it. Bonnie, Chloe and Danny, to name a few. Let's see how Fritz fairs against some brocolli. Watch h [...]
Meet Elsa, the dog who shovels snow. That's right, most dogs just make a mess - this girl helps to clean it up!   [...]
This animal welfare organisation filmed their rescue of a homeless and scared dog, it's a must-watch video... [...]
Merry Christmas to all pet owners...we hope you enjoy the feast :) [...]